Why POP Pilates is my Favorite Workout

Part of my holistic approach to healing is incorporating movement. I need enough movement each day so my body is able to reap the benefits and put on a little muscle! However, I don't want to over-exert myself or that could potentially put stress on my body and cause my autoimmune kidney disease to flare.

Cue the perfect workout: POP Pilates

I absolutely adore POP Pilates because it is a very holistic approach to fitness both mentally and physically. The best way to describe it is like a dance on a mat. The workout consists of synching up various strength, cardio and flexibility moves to fun beats.

Here are the top reasons I love POP Pilates:

1. It's a three-in-one full-body workout

A full workout will target all the key muscle groups and incorporate moves that build on your strength, cardio and flexibility. An instructor will have a playlist of songs set up and each song focuses on one of those three aspects I just listed, as well as a particular muscle group or a full-body focus.

Since the workout is divided into individual song tracks targeting certain areas of your body, no single muscle group is emphasized for too long. Therefore, you are evenly conditioning your body and you won't burn out. Be assured you can arrive at your workout the following day feeling fresh and ready to move!

2. It is very inclusive of all fitness levels

POP Pilates is all about meeting your body where it is at. We all are at different levels of fitness and have different needs. During class (or YouTube video!), the instructors provide modifications or suggestions to most of the moves. And if they don't, it's perfectly acceptable to move your body in whatever way feels best for you (as long as your form is good and not putting any strain on your body!).

For example, I have tight hips, so I tend to modify moves related to the hips. My arms are weaker so I perform some of the arm-strengthening moves on my knees as supposed to in a plank position. If I don't have the energy to jump, I'll just step out the move!

3. It fosters body positivity and self-love

I always feel so happy and calm every time I finish a POP Pilates class. The instructors always arrive at class with a heartwarming and motivating attitude. They go above and beyond the workout to preach body positivity, self-love, self-empowerment and the beauty of everyone's individuality!

It's easy to love yourself a little more each time you attend class!

4. It's so much fun!

There's nothing like a good dance party with awesome people to get the endorphins going. And POP Pilates gives you that same feeling. Moving in synchronization to upbeat music and connecting with a group of positive, kind and amazing people is always a mood-booster.

I often forget that I'm working out because I'm enjoying myself so much!

5. It all began with a strong and kindhearted female entrepreneur

POP Pilates started with creator Cassey Ho, who shares free workout videos on her YouTube channel, has an awesome workout app and has trained a fleet of amazing POP Pilates instructor whom you can take full-length live virtual classes with. (Pre-pandemic, there were in-person classes!) Each month, she even puts together free monthly workout calendars that list daily video playlists to complete.

If you'd like to learn more about Cassey, check out her website here.

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