Two Plant-Based Breakfast Treats to Try this Fall!

I admit that I'm guilty of being another 20-something obsessed with pumpkin spice and everything apple during the fall! So...I had to bring some of that joy to you!

At this moment I'm eating a plant-based diet and limiting my grains. This has been correlating with a major improvement in my blood work...indicating that I'm closer than ever to kidney disease remission!

I wanted to share two plant-based breakfast treats I made this past autumn week (recipes by two amazing food bloggers!). Bottom line? THEY WERE SOOOOO GOOD:

1. Pumpkin Pancakes by Sweet Vegan Sara

What I love about Sweet Vegan Sara is that the recipes I've tried of hers so far are SO EASY! She uses minimal ingredients and the end result is still a super delicious product (yep...they're even boyfriend-approved).

The base to these is oat flour. But, see the little brown specks? There is also ground flax in these pancakes, so you're getting in your omega-3s, too!

I topped my 'cakes with sliced banana and sweet and spicy pecans from Trader Joe's. Lastly, I added a drizzle of real maple syrup...and let's just say last Sunday's brunch was a good one.

I currently have Sara's pumpkin donuts baking in my oven and I'm writing this post to make the time go faster so I can dig into those ASAP! ;)

2. Apple Blondies by The Big Man's World

I've actually been eating lots of veggies as part of my breakfast lately (the fave has been roasted brussel sprouts with garlic sauce--I know, so savory). But, I thought I'd shake things up this past week and try out these apple blondies by The Big Man's World.

I love these blondies because they refrigerate well and are best enjoyed cold, so I can grab one from my fridge with a piece of fruit and then hop right online for my first work meeting of the morning.

One of my favorite parts of this recipe is that the apple flavor comes from unsweetened apple sauce. I love apples--but the whole peeling and chopping process is time-consuming. Apple sauce is the perfect solution!

Now, I will need to get back to more veggies for breakfast because, ultimately, they're what make my gut most happy! And a happy gut means a healthier and happier life!

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