The Easiest Two-Ingredient Red Lentil Bolognese!

Red lentil bolognese is a plant-based meal that hits the spot on a busy night or anytime, really.

All it takes is two ingredients: dry red lentils and a jar of your favorite pasta sauce! Of course, you can doctor this up with some garlic or red pepper flakes, or whatever seasonings you prefer! But the basic instant pot recipe is perfect with the right jar of sauce!

I like to serve it with whole wheat pasta or zucchini noodles. Either taste great! If you're going the zucchini noodle route, sautéing them in a little extra virgin olive oil and garlic packs a flavorful punch!

According to Healthline, lentils are a good source of plant-based protein and packed with nutrients like iron and folate, to name a few. I have a little bit of anemia I am trying to solve, so increasing my iron intake (along with vitamin C to help absorption!) is a goal of mine.

While this makes a great meal for many, it's notable to mention that tomato-based products and lentils do contain sizable amounts of potassium and phosphorus. So do take that into consideration if you are watching your intake of these nutrients.

While red lentils can be a little harder to find, most grocery stores do sell them. And if you're able to make the trip, Whole Foods should definitely have them. I would not recommend buying them online because the prices tend to be very inflated.

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