How my Kidney Disease Led to my Candle-Making Hobby!

It was Valentine's Day 2020. This was supposed to have been one of the best days of my life: I was finally going to undergo the kidney treatment that I truly believed would bring me to remission. It was a 6-hour intravenous infusion called Rituxan.

Unfortunately, just minutes into the procedure I broke out into a bad allergic reaction. I had already tried every other viable treatment at the time I believed that the infusion was my last hope for getting better. I felt very defeated.

I needed a distraction. Immediately, my mind somehow thought "candles" and I started researching how to make candles. To my surprised, I learned how unhealthy mainstream candles are. They're usually made with paraffin wax and artificial scents, neither of which are the best for you to breathe in.

This was important for me to learn, considering how candles became part of my core self-care routine beginning in the early treatment of my kidney disease. When I began my first medication, a steroid called prednisone, I made it an evening ritual to light a lavender candle and sip herbal tea. I looked forward to this every single day, and honestly I believe it was a big part of what kept me going!

But, I was trying to heal, so toxic candles were no longer an option. I went to the craft store and picked up some non-toxic soy wax and natural essential oils, and went to work making my first candles. They turned out beautifully with a light, citrusy smell from the essential oil called bergamot.

I spent the summer experimenting with different scents and had some amazing test subjects sniff my concoctions and provide feedback. Low and behold, in October 2020...Rustic Rose Candles was born on Etsy! Right now, I've got pumpkin spice candles ready to be a part of your self-care routine. (More holiday scents coming soon!)

I named my candle shop "Rustic Rose" because, first, everyone who's close to me knows how obsessed I am with rustic decor and style. Second, my middle name is Rose!

I hand-pour my candles in small batches and package them up with love ;) . The candles are made with soy wax, which is non-toxic, burns cleanly and glows beautiful in the dark. I use organic hemp wicks, which allow for a clean, even candle burn. I also notice less smoke coming from the hemp wicks after I blow out the candles. While the scents of essential oils are a bit fainter than fake chemical fragrances, they produce a pleasant, clean smell.

Overall I've really enjoyed this new candle-making venture. It's a nice little hobby to bring out my creativity, and now my apartment smells like pumpkin spice all the time...which, for me, is a good thing! I'm excited to see where this goes.

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