Oat Milk!

Oatsome Barista Blend is hands down my favorite oat milk. It's creamy, has a nice light and sweet flavor and no weird after taste like I've experienced with some other brands. This oat milk froths super well and is a daily addition to my morning reishi coffee!



Nutritional Yeast

Bragg Nutritional Yeast is a staple in my kitchen. I sprinkle it on my morning avocado toast, on pasta dishes or rice dishes...the possibilities are endless! I love the stuff. It has a great cheesy flavor, supplies a few grams of protein and packs in key nutrients like folate and B vitamins. 

Coconut Water

ZICO is the closest thing to water straight out of a coconut, in my opinion. It's so light and fresh and is the only brand I will drink. The others have additives that leave an unpleasant aftertaste, in my opinion. I keep a case of ZICO in my pantry for when I'm feeling dehydrated or unwell. It's nature's electrolytes. 

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