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The holiday season and self-care are two of my favorite things, so I've brought them together into festive soy candles! Rustic Rose candles are hand-poured in small batches and made with natural soy wax, organic hemp wicks and essential oils. (Yes, these candles are handmade with love by yours truly!) 

Natural essential oils have a lighter scent than fake, chemical fragrances. If you wish to fill the air with the scent, let the candle burn in a smaller space like a bathroom. To preserve the essential oil fragrance, always keep the lid on tightly when not using the candle.

Peppermint Stick is comprised of a sweet and energizing peppermint oil. Frosted Fir is an earthy and festive blend of fir needle, frankincense and cedar wood oils. Both scents are sure to make you feel the joy of the season of giving!

Soy wax is non-toxic, burns cleanly and glows beautiful in the dark. The hemp wicks are organic and allow for a clean, even candle burn. The glass mason jar holders are eight ounces.

When I was undergoing one of the more intense treatments for my chronic kidney disease, my evening self-care ritual was to light a candle and sip a mug of herbal tea. To this day, I believe that simple routine was a big part of what has kept me going. I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful self-care routines that Rustic Rose candles will be a part of!