My Favorite Reads

Fiber Fueled is one of my favorite reads because it's written by a medical doctor who transcended the medical practice of treating with Rx drugs to advocate for the healing power of the food we put into our body every day. This book contains a lot of amazing science (I'm a sucker for cellular biology) that explains the anti-inflammatory power of plants and how a plant-diverse diet can help so many people feel healthy and vibrant. A big appeal of this read is that there is no language about restricting what you eat or following a specific diet. Rather, the goal here is to simply incorporate the rainbow as much as you can day-to-day by eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Personally, eating more plants has helped me retain my energy and hold my numbers stable while I address other root causes of my illness. There's a reason this book is a best-seller so if you decide to read it, let me know what you think! The author is @theguthealthmd on Instagram if you'd like to learn more about him. 

Eat More Plants holds a special place in my heart because I used to watch the author's cooking show on Food Network with my mom! I've had this cookbook for a while and in the past made a few recipes from it here and there...but after reading Fiber Fueled I was totally inspired to experiment with new *plantiful* flavors and boy, does this book deliver! Desiree has a magical way of concocting plant-based recipes that pack in so much flavor--I assure you that your taste buds will dance with every bite. This cookbook is now a staple for me and I get excited each week as I prep to buy groceries because that means another opportunity to try one of her recipes! Another appeal of this book is that Desiree knows what it's like to juggle work, family and life in general, so she purposely made sure that none of her recipes are too complex or contain too many ingredients. Get ready to jazz up your spice cabinet with this beautiful cookbook!

Stopping Kidney Disease is researched and written by a nephrotic syndrome (FSGS) patient who didn't respond to Rx drugs yet didn't give up on his path to healing (like me!). When I exhausted all viable medication options and was tired of the way drugs broke me down mentally and physically, I gave this book a read. It contains hundreds of scientific studies that point to lifestyle habits nephrotic syndrome patients could look to experiment with and see whether they help them improve their numbers. While this book does introduce some radical concepts, what I like about it is that you can use it as a guide to experiment with diet and  lifestyle to the degree that suits you. Since I don't have FSGS, but rather a strange IgM variant with likely a different root cause, I don't follow the book perfectly but still do incorporate and benefit lots from the advice it has to offer.  The author essentially takes the fundamentals of health (e.g. fruits and veggies, move your body, manage stress, supplement smartly) and puts a kidney-preserving twist to it. 

Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis is the book that really sparked my mental wellness journey. Before I found the book, I was a stressed-out perfectionist and micromanaged every little aspect of my life. The words self-care weren't in my vocabulary and I would make myself sick with guilt any time I allowed myself the chance to rest or have fun instead of work. Little did I know that the secret to success is in those moments of self-care that allow me to recharge and be happy. This book helped me navigate a breakup, a career change and taught me how to embrace my type-A personality while surrendering to the process of life and discovering self-love. The author, Kali Rogers, is also an amazing female entrepreneur who runs her own life coaching business called Blush. I discovered and read this book in spring 2o18 and I've been working with a Blush life coach ever since. My work with Blush has been absolutely life-changing and I am so blessed to finally be able to love my life where it's at while I still work to make my dreams come true! Perspective is half the battle when it comes to healing physically, after all <3 

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